Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Culture and Social values in USA.

This is written by me, but my friend Amalie www.amaliepaasandvika.blogspot.no has written more about Social values while I decided to write more about Culture.

Everybody wants to have a nation where everybody is able to be themselves and where there's no difference between black and white people. The best example of it, is that for the first time in history USA got a president that wasn't ``white``. People started to believe that everything’s possible.
Barack Obama is the president of the United States of America and he is from Democratic Party. As we all know USA has only 2 parties, democratic and republican.  Every fourth year we have president election. Barack Obama was chosen in 2008 which means that we are going to have new selection in November.  Barack Obama is up for election again but he can only be chosen twice. (The government decided to make a law that nobody is allowed to be up to election more than two times, after F. Roosevelt died in 1945, he was a president from 1933 to 1945) Mitt Romney is up for elections from republicans.


I think many of you know that religion is very important in USA. The largest religion in the US is Christianity, practiced by the majority of the population (76% in 2008). From those queried, roughly 51.3% of Americans are Protestants, 23.9% are Catholics. I found this information on Wikipedia, but I have some questions for you guys, and I will really appreciate if some of u is willing to answer.
Here, in Norway we have a subject called RLE. The subject is about Religion, Ethics and way of living (we have this subject in middle school) but I’m wondering, do you have any subjects like RLE in USA?
And the last question: Do you have any thoughts about the coming Election?


  1. I personally have never had a religious class or any of the type. The schools here are not supposed to include religion in its curriculum. The U.S has a variety of religions and it would be hard to include everyone.
    I don't care much for politics so i don't really know anything about the Election.

  2. Ah, thank you for your comment! :) Actually I'm not that interested in Politics, but I think it's really nice that Obama became a president and I hope he will win the next election also.

  3. I like the structure of this blog and the way you have organized the material. I also like all the appropriate pictures you have in your blog and that they fit right in to the text.

    One thing you could improve is that you could have written a little bit about traditions in USA and something about the general attitude in USA.

  4. I have read all of your posts on this blog and I have to say that I find them very interesting. I really like your text about Norway because you have managed to describe the country in a precise manner using a short text.
    Another thing I like about your blog is its structure nad its cool gadgets like the Spongebob clock.

    You could however change your backgrund picture because it's a little bit annoying when I read texts. Otherwise, this blog is very good.

  5. we do not have religious classes in schools but we do have clubs that meet once a week.