Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Assisted suicide

Informal and formal text.

Formal- Assisted suicide is way of helping people to end their suffering. Assistance (Assisted suicide) may mean providing one with drugs or equipment to end one’s life.

It is not equal to euthanasia, which is voluntary, non-voluntary, or involuntary way of end someone's painful existence .Voluntary euthanasia is legal in some countries and U.S. states. Non-voluntary euthanasia is illegal in all countries. Involuntary euthanasia is usually considered murder. In decades, people had a problem to find a balance between legal and moral conceptions of suicide and personal right to death.

In other words people feel that the concept of assisted suicide conflicts with their values.


I think that it’s a good idea to help people end their painful lives in a human way instead of suffering till death. If I would be stuck in a bed for many months without hope of getting better again, I would maybe think about assisted suicide as an option. Of course I don't think anybody is able to put themselves in that kind of situation. Taking someone’s life is a serious thing.

That's why I think that it's a bit stupid that some church people have enough power to decide that it is not allowed to help someone ending their lives. I think doctors should have the last word, because what's the point of having a person in a bed for months suffering till death if we are actually able to help them?

Assisted-suicide is legal in several jurisdictions, including Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Switzerland and three American states (Oregon, Washington, and Montana).

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  1. Interesting facts, difficult topic. Didn't know 3 states in the USA allowed this. Knew about the Netherlands. It is difficult to know when the suffering is too bad as well I think.