Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Endublog Awards!

This year I would to nominate the following student blog in category : best student blog, and I would also like to nominate a blog in the category best teacher blog. I have chosen these blogs because I really liked  Amalies layout but also my teachers blog. Both of them are writing in interesting way, which makes you want to read more. Both of them have pictures on every post which makes it easier to read. (or more fun)

Amalie has a really good blog, she is 16 year old girl,  and she's writing about many interesting topics. I think that everybody should take some of their time to see her blog , because it's worth it.
Ann has many followers on every continent! She is a relly good teacher, and many of my teachers have this stupid way of thinking that u have to use books to learn the subject, but she's different. Im looking really forward to Tuesdays ( It is when we're having 4 hours with Ann) Everybody should chceck her blog out, no matter how old you are. There you can find topics all from Roald Dahl to history or current news.
You'll find the links below





Anns blog ( my teacher) - http://annmic.wordpress.com/

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