Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Kristian er kul

Edit: This was written yesterday ,but I totally forgot to post this blog post..
Today I was looking for a book that I could read. I started on Life of Pi. This book is now made into movie and many of my friends told me that it has a really nice story. That's why I wanted to read it, instead of watching it first.  I have also written my answer to one of the questions my teacher gave us.
Here it comes :

Why do you learn, what motivates you?

 The best motivation is to Follow  your dreams. My dream is to become a doctor. That's why I know that education is really important. You can not go to the university without good marks. Everybody has problems  with finding a way to motivate themselves. I have many plans to achieve and I know if there's something I really want then I will make it happen. I want to study abroad and that's why I need to improve my English skills.  I want  to go  London for some weeks on my summer vacation and get used to speak English everyday. If somebody wants to learn a new language the best way is practicing it in a country where they speak this language.
English is one of the subjects I like the most, but somehow I think it's hard to find something to write about. That's why it is hard to find motivation.  I know English is really important, you cant even get a job if you are not talking English. It is a really amazing how much you are able to do when you can speak it. You have many possibilities, you can study abroad, work at an international company and communicate with people from all of the world. It opens door to everything you can wish for. 
I think that's better to watch a movie in English than Norwegian, you're learning new words and I you would just read an half hour per day, just some magazines , your English will get much better, and it's worth it.
We are living in the time where education is necessary. You have to find a profession but I think it is really hard. You have to find a job that you are satisfied with. You are actually going to do that for the rest of your life.   

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  1. Nice post. Look forward to hearing about the book you are reading as well!