Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Joy Luck Club

I´ve just read the first chapters of The Joy Luck Club written by Amy Tan. This book tells a story about  four Chinese immigrants and their doughters who form a club ;The Joy Luck Club.
They play a game called mahjong ( a game that originated in China and is played by four players) to earn some money. These four women tell each other stories about theirs  life.

To be honest I did not really think that a book given by our teacher would be that interesting, but actually it is and I am really looking forward to read the whole book and share my opinion with class / or here on my blog. The book is divided i 4 parts and 16 chapters and each of them is told from a different point of view.

Have you heard of this book or about the movie?
I wish all of you a Happy New Year !
- Ewa

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