Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Oslo trip

We had such an interesting day at school (besides my history class before English)  
Our class was invited by a Norwegian radio station in Oslo and we were supposed to answer some questions about our use of social network. It was really funny being on the other side, and see how this works behind the "scenes". Two of the experts disagreed mostly all the time, and it was really funny how they reacted, without being able to "say it out loud"  

 It lasted for about 30 minutes and they talked about many interesting topics for example: how it was back in the days, when only adults were able to take pictures, and there were only taken pictures from big "events" like weddings or others. They also talked about if the "paper" version of books will disappear in the future. To be honest, I doubt that, even though I think it is better to use pc/ iPad in English class, I prefer regular books in other subjects. ( The worst thing I can think of is e-books in every subject. !)  
We made also a research before the interview and asked students in class how many hours they are online and almost everybody was online all the time. Nowadays everybody is addicted to " being" online, at least teenagers so they are always available for their friends and in case of something  "big" happened on the internet. 

It was really an interesting English class, and I think it would be even funnier if we had to talk in English.  About 100000 people were listening to our conversation on p2/ NRK ekko   


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  1. I thought it was interesting too! And it would have been even better if they spoke English. That will never happen on Norwegian radio without being translated at lest not in many years. But I predict that students will have ebooks in all subjects soon, and they will love it!