Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The White Tiger!

I found some interesting quotes from the book we´re reading. I´ve actually changed the book some weeks before winter break, but I´m finally finished. To be honest I´ve read more interesting books than this, but it was much more interesting than Joy Luck Club. I liked some parts from the book, especially some quotes, which I want to share with you. In general the book is about a man coming from a really poor family and trying to `escape` `from this poor pattern. He is writing his own history, sharing his thoughts about India, caste-system, and many other unfair `` things`` in a diverse population. The main character divides people by two groups: upper class: Light and lower class: Darkness. He could experience both of these, first in his childhood, then later in his life.  He tells his story about how he killed his boss, and started his own company. It was a really catching moment when main character was at the marked a saw some chickens in a cage, and he describes it with a picture of how poor people are caged, and cannot escape from their destiny because of the caste system. This part really gave me some thoughts about how lucky we are, here in Norway without any caste-system, and being able to decide our future.  One thing which I really liked about this book was that it left me with many thoughts and reflections about the life and how thankful we should be.


 ‘What if one day, for instance, a driver took his employers money and ran? What would his life be like?’  ‘I will answer both for you. It would, in fact, take a White Tiger.’ (Page 169&170)

Here Balram, main character thinks for the first time in a not-loyal way about his boss. He begins to imagine which possibilities he seems to have if he commits a crime. This thought comes up several times in the book. His thinking changes from total loyalty towards his boss to the opposite. The ‘White Tiger’ is in this novel symbol for someone who can manage to escape from the system in a way, also from caste system. White Tigers are a rarity like people from the Darkness who get into the Light. Balram calls himself as a self-made entrepreneur, since he managed to escape from the Darkness.

-Have you read this book? 
Have a nice day, Ewa! 


  1. I'm glad you liked this book better than the other! Like your quotes! Yes I have read the book and I liked it very much!

  2. This book sounds really interesting! I actually hadn't heard of it before, but now that I have read some quotes and heard about it, I will definitely look into it! Thanks!

    1. You're welcome. Thank you for your time spending on writing this comment. :)

  3. This book does sound a bit interesting. The background of it sounds really interesting. From what you mentioned about hte book, i think i might pick it up and read it sometime. What was your favorite part of the book?

  4. This book sounds so interesting that i want to check it out too at the public library.The book cover looks great and makes me want to read it and the quotes